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Frequently Asked Questions

    Who are you?
    What is your goal?
    What methods do you use?
    Why are you focusing on California?
    Is this a duplicate effort?
    How are you going to get the money for a costly multimedia campaign that includes website, print, television, billboards, etc?
    Are you the right people to be doing this?
    What have you accomplished to date?
    How can I help?

Who are you?

CNCC is an independent coalition of health care organizations, hospital administrators, and nurse educators and faculty working together to address the long term nursing shortage in California. We are committed to attracting a pool of candidates for schools of nursing that reflect the diversity and demographics of our great state. The Coalition regards the shortage of nurses as an impending public health crisis, and for this reason we have come together to address the issue as a community.

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What is your goal?

CNCC will lead the effort to achieve an adequate and diverse nurse workforce to meet the safety and quality care needs of Californians.

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What methods do you use?

We use a multimedia approach and outreach effort that enhances the image of the nursing profession. We have a web site chooseNursing.com that reflects diversity and appeals to young people. The web site is rich with resource information for parents and students, such as, how to apply and pay for nursing school, lists of California nursing school programs, scholarship information, career paths and real stories about nursing students and Registered Nurses. In addition, the site features a unique RN Ambassador Program. This program encourages RNs to seek opportunities to speak positively about the profession, their experiences as a nurse and why they chose nursing as a career. For the convenience of the ambassadors, we offer free downloadable age-specific presentation tools. These tools were developed for elementary, middle and high school students and are available in Spanish.

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Why are you focusing on California?

California’s nursing shortage is unique in many ways.

  • California has the least number of RNs per 100,000 population in the country
  • the average age of an RN is 47-50 and may be older in specialty areas
  • the state's population is concurrently increasing in number as well as the population that is 65 years and older
  • the nursing workforce does not reflect the diversity of the state
  • recent legislation mandates staffing/patient ratios

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Is this a duplicate effort?

No. Several other organizations have the image and recruitment issues on their agenda. They are well-established organizations with multiple goals and objectives for the nursing profession, including education, legislation, working conditions, etc. The Coalition for Nursing Careers in California has only one goal: to increase the appeal of the nursing profession for those seeking careers; and to influence the number and diversity of nursing students entering California colleges and universities.

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How are you going to get the money for a costly multimedia campaign that includes website, print, television, radio, billboards, etc?

We view the impending crisis in available nursing care as a public health crisis. We have formed strategic partnerships with businesses, community groups and professional organizations that share our concerns and we continue to solicit corporate sponsorship and community foundations for funds to support the mission and vision of the Coalition. We gladly accept donations and in-kind resources.

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Are you the right people to be doing this?

Absolutely. Our coalition represents registered nurses and other professionals with vast and diverse experiences including, education, broadcasting, human resources, public relations, administration and multimedia. We have direct experience with advertising, recruitment, teaching, and community outreach campaigns.

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What have you accomplished to date?

Due to the transition from Kaiser Permanente to California Institute for Nursing & Health Care (CINHC) the RN Ambassador Program recognition award has been moved to 2010.  The same will be true of the Student Nurse Ambassador recognition award. The award recognition will restart 2010.


  • California Institute for Nursing & Health Care
  • Association of California Nurse Leaders (ACNL)
  • California Student Nurse Association (CSNA)
  • Chicana/Latina Foundation
  • Nurse Week Magazine
  • Northern California Association of Health Care Recruiters
  • National Association of Health Care Recruiters
  • Men in Nursing - AAMN, Bay Area Chapter
  • Meritus Scholarship Group


CNCC RN Ambassadors promoted nursing as a career to students at the following career fair days:

  • International Student Academy
  • Andrew P. Hill High School Health Career Fair
  • Contra Costa School District Career Fair
  • California Student Nurse (CSNA) Annual Conference
  • National Hispanic Conference
  • Nurse Week Career Fair Burlingame
  • Nurse Week Career Fair Santa Clara
  • Association of California Nurse Leaders Annual Conference Monterey
  • Leland High School San Jose, CA
  • Nashville High School, Nashville, Ohio
  • Terry Sanford High School, Fayetteville, North Carolina
  • Middleschool, Coopersburg, PA
  • Liberty Middle School, Clifton, VA
  • Northwest Prep High School, Santa Rosa, CA
  • McClatchy High School, Rochester, NY
  • Central High School, Fresno, CA

Scholarship Program:

Focus of scholarship is to support nursing students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, and those who are part of a group that is currently underrepresented in the nursing profession in California.

  • At the California Student Nurses Conference, in Southern California 2008, five scholarships were presented in the amount of $1,000.00 each.
  • At the California Student Nurses Conference in Sacramento October 2009, the Coalition for Nursing Careers in California, is prepared to present seven $2,000.00 awards.
  • HHS Announces $13.4 Million in Financial Assistance to Support RN’s:
  • Health Professions Education foundation announces the Associate Degree Nursing Scholarship due September 11, 2009. Contact Health Professions Education Foundation (800)773-1669 or (916) 326-3643.  

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Please contact us. We welcome your comments and questions.

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