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The Promise of Nursing

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Pictured above (right to left): Linda D. Gregory, CNCC Manager, and Jennifer Hermann, CNCC member, leading the first RN Ambassador Pledge.

Johnson & Johnson made a significant contribution to the efforts addressing California's nursing shortage when they hosted The Promise of Nursing for Northern California at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. $675,000 was raised for undergraduate nursing school scholarships, graduate nursing education scholarships to prepare nursing faculty and faculty development grants.

Although the event was a fundraiser, it was overwhelmingly a night to celebrate nurses. Out of the 900 guests, over 700 were nurses — nurses from health care organizations to educators. The audience was shown a poignant video, "A Patient Perspective Documentary," which featured 8 patients talking about the impact a nurse had on their care from a medical, emotional or spiritual level. It was both moving and inspirational to hear each patient's personal thoughts and intimate memories of a nurse going above and beyond the call of duty. Each story portrayed a nurse touching each of these patients in a profound and everlasting way.

Another section of the evening was devoted to the Coalition for Nursing Careers in California (CNCC). Linda D. Gregory, RN, BSN, CNCC Manager and Jennifer Hermann, RN, MS, CNCC member, took the stage to invite the audience to take a pledge to become a RN Ambassador. According to Jennifer Hermann, "As a member of CNCC, I was thrilled at the opportunity to be able to present the Ambassador program to over 750 nurses. Not only was J & J so wonderful by hosting and underwriting this special event, they were kind enough to allow CNCC the "air" time to share our worthy cause and get the word out... Reciting the Ambassador pledge for nursing at such a momentous event truly was remarkable. On behalf of the nursing profession and CNCC, I truly want to thank J & J for this opportunity. I imagine each nurse speaking to 20 people and on and on to carry the message about our great profession." The Ambassador Program, featured on the chooseNursing.com web site, is a call-to-action outreach that encourages nurses to seek opportunities within their communities to speak positively about their experiences and why they chose nursing as a career. The program provides age-specific presentation tools and posters that are easy to download. The goal is to influence and enhance the image of nursing and to present the many opportunities a nursing career offers.

Pledge card

The Ambassador for Nursing Pledge

and a RN Ambassador lapel pin was at each place setting. As the audience stood to recite the pledge, the unity, dedication and pride was felt throughout the room. Imagine if each of the 700 nurses talked to 20 young people, there could be a possibility of creating conversations with over 14,000 young people. The multiplier effect potentially increased the number of nursing school enrollment, thus increasing the number of professional nurses practicing within our community.

It was an honor to share the evening with so many dedicated and compassionate nurses. The pride of the profession is truly overwhelming.

Release Date: November 5, 2002

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