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CNCC Reaches Out to California Nursing Students

chooseNursing.com shares RN Ambassador presentation tools and new on-line journal with students.

San Francisco was the site of the California Nursing Students’ Association Annual State Conference in February. The theme of this year’s conference was “Uniting Nurses by Building Bridges.”

The California Nursing Students’ Association Annual State conference opened with a keynote address given by KT Waxman, RN, MBA, and President of KT Waxman and Associates. Ms. Waxman spoke eloquently on the future of the nursing profession and the passing of the torch to our next generation of nurses. The nursing students participated in events such as the House of Delegates where resolutions on nursing topics were debated. The convention also featured a Faculty Forum and many educational sessions. Topics, such as the impact and involvement of politics, strategies for getting their first RN position and nurse leaders expanding their roles as entrepreneurs, were offered in breakout sessions. Katie Bray, RN and CNCC member adds, “The nursing profession should be so proud of these gifted people who have chosen our profession. They are bright and dedicated.”

This year the Coalition for Nursing Careers in California (CNCC) was again reaching out to the student nurses with their RN Ambassador presentation tools. Many students saw the tools as a way to help with their Break-Through to Nursing requirements. CNCC also offered information about the chooseNursing.com scholarship, awarded to a nursing student every semester.

The highlight of this year’s conference was the presentation of the 1st Annual Student Nurse Ambassador Award created as part of a collaboration between CNCC and CNSA. The purpose of the award is to encourage nursing students to participate in outreach programs, demonstrate leadership and professionalism, and stewardship. Linda D. Gregory, Program Manager at CNCC, presented the award to this year’s recipients, Nicole Marcy, a nursing student at San Diego State University and Jennifer Booker, a nursing student at California State Fresno during the CNSA Awards Ceremony. According to Ms. Gregory, “I was so impressed with the magnitude of the student nurse’s commitment, excitement and professionalism this year. It was an honor to present the 1st Annual Student Nurse Ambassador Award to Nicole and Jennifer.” To read more about their RN Ambassador experiences, visit chooseNursing.com.

CNCC was also promoting their Student and New Grad Blog; a journal that is maintained on the web. CNCC is looking for students and new grads to keep a blog that will be posted on chooseNursing.com regularly. Their peers will read first-hand stories as our blogger experiences the transition from new grad to a Registered Nurse working for the first time. Whether it’s clinical, classroom, a patient care experience, or a bad day, each represents a day in the life of our blogger and, therefore, gives their peers an opportunity to identify and breathe a sigh of relief while thinking ‘it’s not just me!’ The program generated a lot of excitement and many signed up to be considered.

This is the first year that ACNL sponsored CNSA’s Annual State Leadership Conference and it was a great success and lots of fun. It was very inspirational to speak to our future nurses about their passion for the nursing profession. Our future is bright and in good hands with the next generation of nurses!

Release Date: March 29, 2004

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