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CNCC and NCM Partner to Promote Careers in Nursing and Other Health Care Professions

The Coalition for Nursing Careers in California (CNCC) and New California Media (NCM) have partnered to develop an Internet resource for information on opportunities and careers in nursing and allied health fields.

California is facing a nursing shortage crisis. Recent data shows that the Southern and Central Valleys are experiencing one of the most severe nursing shortages in the state. Currently, most strategies to address the shortage focus on immediate solutions, such as recruiting nurses from out-of-state or other countries. While these strategies may address the problem in the short term, they do not recognize the enormous untapped potential of our diverse populations within California.

For that reason NCM is promoting their EXPO and Awards 2004 Programs, celebrating Ethnic Media and promoting health careers in Valley California. Here are the event details:

September 24
NCM EXPO – Promoting Inclusive Communications in Valley California

The Fresno Convention Center
848 M Street, Fresno CA

November 17
NCM Awards Ceremony & Banquet – “The Ethnic Pulitzers” Go to the State Capitol

The Sacramento Convention Center
1301 L Street, Sacramento CA

For more information contact Daniela Rible at (415)503-4170 or visit http://expo.ncmonline.com

Julie Johnson and Len Fong of New California Media (NCM)
Len Fong, NCM Director of Strategic Planning, and Julie Johnson, NCM Communications and Editorial Coordinator are managing a grant The California Endowment gave to NCM to develop a multimedia campaign in 6 languages to promote nursing and other growing fields, such as laboratory science, radiology, and pharmacy in communities throughout the Central Valley.

The research team at NCM found that CNCC's web resource was the most extensive and user-friendly Internet source for people seeking information about careers in nursing. The CNCC design team and NCM research team collaborated to create pages of information on other allied health careers to give people interested in nursing and other health care careers a place to start.

Screenshot of the internet resource created by CNCC and NCM which promotes careers in health care.

NCM placed ads promoting careers in health care in 6 languages in over 30 ethnic media – including African American, Cambodian, Latino, Native Indian, Pan-Asian, Portuguese and Vietnamese print media and Hmong and Latino broadcast media – across California that are directing people to the resources at www.chooseNursing.com/healthcareers.

Release Date: September 8, 2004

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